FruitionThe Latin word fruitio came to Castilian as fruition. The term refers to pleasure or to delight.

That which is done with relish, therefore, is done with gloat or joy. By example: “The girl devoured the chocolate with relish”, “I don’t understand people who relish magazines dedicated to celebrity scandals”, “The anniversary of independence will be celebrated with relish throughout the national territory”.

The idea fruition can be used in different ways. Sometimes it is linked to a physical satisfaction, from the senses. Whoever drinks a banana smoothie (banana) with relish, to mention one case, enjoys the sensations that this action generates and the intake of that liquid.

In other cases, fruition is a bliss or complacency that is generated from fulfillment of an objective or of a goal achieved. Even fruition can be associated with passion or to burning. That is why it can be affirmed that an environmental party successfully promoted a bill to promote the recycling in a city.

The attribution of fruition to an act, on the other hand, can be constituted as a review or one complaint. If a journalist, when presenting a news item, indicates that a young man showed relish by hitting another boy in the middle of an altercation in a football stadium, he is emphasizing that the aggressor seemed to rejoice with him. attack that he perpetrated.

In this case we see that the young man felt a pleasure derived from his actions, which is why we understand that the same sensation can be reached through two very different ways. We cannot compare this act of violence with a project that aims to promote recycling; however, both subjects achieve fruition when they approach their goals.

As mentioned in a previous paragraph, one of the synonyms for this term is joy, which is defined as “the action and effect of enjoying.” However, there is also joy, which can function as a synonym but has a somewhat different and much broader meaning, despite its similarity from the point of view of its writing. The first meaning that the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy offers us speaks of “the pleasure in possessing, remembering or waiting for things or goods that we feel like”.

FruitionJoy can also be understood as “the joy of our spirits” or “the fleeting flame that rises from the dry and small wood when it is lit”. All this leads us to think about the connection we establish between pleasure and fire, very common even in everyday speech to talk about any activity that we are passionate about, from an artistic vocation to sexual relations.

Based on the definition of joy, and considering it a synonym of fruition As various popular dictionaries indicate, we can infer that the fruition is not very long-lasting, but rather spontaneous and short-lived. duration. It is a pleasure that appears after the achievement of a well-defined goal, which is very intense but remains until the action ends.

“Doña Tomasa, with relish, goes and rents her mansion”, finally, is the title of a cartoon developed by the Spanish cartoonist Escobar. It was published between 1959 Y 1963 in the magazine DDT.

The comic was presented as a parody of the re-rent, the illegal act carried out by a tenant when he leases a property that he himself is renting. In the Doña Tomasa series, this phenomenon took place exaggerated, to the point that in the same house there could be several “hierarchical” cases of sublease.