Definition of friendship – What it is, Meaning and Concept

The etymological origin of the word friendship could not be determined exactly. There are those who claim that it comes from Latin amicus (“friend”), which in turn derived from love (“to love”). However, other scholars affirm that friend is a Greek word composed of to (“without”) and ego (“me”), so friend would mean “Without me”. In any case, friendship is a affective relationship between two people and one of the most common interpersonal bonds that most human beings have throughout their lives.

FriendshipFriendship involves various feelings, where one friend turns to the other in search of confidence, love, comfort, I respect and company, for instance. These relationships occur in all stages of life, although with varying degrees of importance and significance. It is said that there are friendships that are born within a few minutes of starting a relationship, and others that can take years to consolidate.

When talking about a friend, it refers to that person who not only shares with you the best moments of your life but also the worst ones. More exactly, it is considered that precisely someone shows his friendship when he is with that friend who is going through illnesses, losses, grief, a sentimental breakdown, a serious economic situation …

This is precisely what serves to make the difference between friend and acquaintance very clear, since there are many people who tend to confuse both terms. Thus, the acquaintance is that individual who is present in your life but only in certain moments, it is not who is by your side when you have a bad time or when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Throughout the history of cinema, art, literature or television we have been told great stories of friendship, such as the one that Miguel de Cervantes captured between his nobleman Don Quixote and his always faithful Sancho Panza. And the same happens with the two of the most famous characters of the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

In the case of the small screen, we have the series “Friends”, which, as its title says, revolves around the relationships established between six thirty-something friends who live in the United States.

For its part, in the cinema we find the film entitled “Friendship.” The great filmmaker Steven Spielberg was the one who directed the same one that brings us closer to a real case: the mutiny in 1839 of more than fifty black slaves who traveled aboard the ship “La Amistad”.

Friendship relationships can even exist between two different species. That is why it is said that the dog is he “Best friend of man, in reference to the affective bond that can be established between a homo sapiens and this animal.

Among the components that make up a friendship, we can mention the pleasure when sharing activities, the mutual understanding, the sympathy, the sincerity and the interest and concern for the other.

It should be noted that, on occasions, physical presence is not an indispensable condition for friendship. That is why there are numerous friendships developed By correspondence or, at present, through Internet.

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