FriarThe Latin word frater, which can be translated as “brother”, came to Occitan as fraire. From this term derives friar, a word that in our idiom alludes to religious of certain orders.

For the Catholic Church, the friars are the members of the mendicant orders that arose in the thirteenth century. The friars, therefore, carry out a vow of poverty and they live off the charity, giving up their assets. Between them, they maintain a fraternal relationship (brotherhood).

Franciscans, Servites, Carmelites, Capuchins, Dominicans, and Augustinians are friars. When this condition is placed before Name of the religious, the term fray is usually used. To the friar Cayetano Rodriguez, for example, he is known as fray Cayetano Rodriguez.

Unlike monks, friars often carry out their work beyond the confines of their hermitage or convent. Monks, on the other hand, are usually directly identified with their monastery, while friars can be assigned to different places according to the decisions of their superiors.

In a monastery of friars, life is not as it is usually painted from the outside. While it is true that these people give themselves completely to the Will of God, this does not translate into absolute solemnity: humor also has a very important place. Among the friars a bond of brotherhood and collaboration is created that can be appreciated in all aspects of their day to day; for example, one of the roles is to get up at dawn to prepare breakfast for everyone.

Far from being a prison, a monastery of friars is a place where one arrives of one’s own free will, although to stay in it one must comply with certain rules. The basis of coexistence is sincerity, which goes hand in hand with the piety and they become the perfect recipe to fully live each moment. For a friar, happiness is achieved through the fusion between daily life and prayer, between the ties with his brothers and the adoration of God.

FriarThe guitar is perhaps the most used musical instrument in the field of the Christian religion, and among the friars it is seen very often to liven up their time together. Sport is also part of their daily activities, among which is the reading and study of ancient languages. Precisely, his academic training is combined without any problem with moments of leisure, humor and prayer, leading to a very balanced life.

While from the outside the abandonment of certain worldly customs can be perceived as a great sacrifice that deprives the friars of their freedom, they see it in a completely different way: by leaving behind these activities that they consider harmful, they gain access to the true LibertyThey have the opportunity to lead a full life and personal fulfillment. The friar is convinced that abandoning himself to God’s mercy and love is in reality obtaining everything he could ever want.

Friar, on the other hand, is the common name given to various species of plants. The Veronica anagallis-aquatica, the Muscari neglectum, the Papaver rhoeas and the Lythrum salicaria They are plants that are known as friars.

In the field of nauticalFinally, friar is the rounded bit that is rooted to the bow of a tugboat so that the towing line gains firmness. It is worth mentioning that bitts are the iron or wooden posts that, installed on the deck near the bow, are used to wind cables.