Freshness is the lush condition. That term (lush), meanwhile, it is used to qualify that or that which looks healthy and with vigor.

Some examples

For instance: “Every night I apply one cream moisturizer on the face to preserve the freshness of the skin “, “His songs keep their freshness despite the passage of time and have already captivated several generations”, “The actor surprised with his freshness when he showed himself in public just two days after the surgery”.

Youthful complexion

Many people pursue the freshness of the complexion

The fresh fruits and vegetablesMeanwhile, they must show their freshness. Consumers do not want to buy these foods if they are wilted or show any signs of putrefaction, presence of fungi, etc. That is why producers and sellers have to take care of the freshness.

As we can see, both in people and in certain products of natural origin, freshness is considered synonymous with good Health, radiant in appearance. It is a good sign, a proof of dedication, personal care, good habits.

The freshness of the skin

The freshness is a characteristic that is usually looked for in the skin. Many cosmetic and aesthetic products aim to make the skin look luminous and radiant, contributing to the hydration of the dermis and helping to eliminate impurities and imperfections. Likewise, the people who care the most about keeping their skin fresh often resort to different advice that is passed from generation to generation.

The complexion, and the skin in general, becomes increasingly difficult to care since our body stops producing collagen, a protein that keeps it firm and elastic. This usually happens around the age of thirty, and it worsens considerably between the ages of forty and fifty. In this critical range it is important to ingest vitamins A and C, although the ideal is to include these nutrients throughout life. Both are ideal to compensate for the aforementioned deterioration.

Another tip to preserve the freshness of the skin is drink plenty of water. Needless to say, this is not exclusive to those who wish to combat aging, but all human beings need to maintain a good level of fluid in the body. Although some people do it without imposing it, others do not usually feel thirsty with the same intensity, which is why they go too many hours without drinking water. An average of five glasses per day is enough to delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Fruit blossoms

The fruit in perfect condition is recognized by its freshness

One of the difficulties that appear in this battle against the passage of time is the effect of Sun on the skin. Lovers of the beach and the great outdoors who, in turn, want to stay young cannot do without the sunscreen. A degree of protection that is not below 30 is recommended. In case it were necessary to clarify it, this product falls into the group of those whose brand and prestige are more important than price; As with food, a saving in your pocket can lead to a health problem.

Another meaning

In a symbolic sense, the idea of ​​freshness refers to the strength, the Energy or the momentum. Suppose a political movement has many militants under the age of thirty. The freshness of youth, in this context, is reflected in the number of actions that these members develop and in the boost they give to the organization. As time goes by, it is common for people to lose that freshness, although in return they add other values, such as the knowledge provided by experience or the calm to analyze different situations.