From french fret, the freight is linked to rental of a means of transport. The term can refer to the rental price, the cargo being transported or the vehicle used.

FreightThe concept has different uses depending on the country. On Spain, the freight is the price stipulated for the rental of a boat. On Argentina, the freight may be the freight, the vehicle that transports packages, or a riding horse. On Venezuela, Costa Rica Y Guatemala, is known as freight to the value of the transfer of goods in a transport.

For example: “I have been waiting for the arrival of the freight for three hours and I still have no news”, “We are going to have to hire a freight to make the move”, “The North American company lost thousands of dollars since the freight used did not have insurance”, “I need a little help with the freight, I can’t carry that much weight”.

From a maritime commercial point of view, it is established that the freight will have to be paid by the person who receives the merchandise, the recipient, when he takes charge of it in what would be the area of ​​the port of discharge. In this sense, it should be noted that in countries and cities that have a large maritime activity, freight becomes one of the most important commercial actions that exist.

Hence, it must be emphasized that also, in other places, the term freight is established to refer to a clause that is established in the documents of what would be the shipment of goods. In that one, what is ruled and recorded is that they will be paid at the time of receipt.

In addition to all this, we would have to make clear the existence of what has been called freight insurance. It is used in the aforementioned maritime commercial field and refers to the insurance that is signed to cover damages and losses that cargoes may suffer during the trip by ship that they make by sea until they reach their destination.

A dead freight It is an amount of money that is paid when the ship in question or the part of it that has been rented is not used.

In most Latin American countries, on the other hand, the freight forwarder is the person who is engaged in transporting or moving goods or people in his vehicle: “My father is a freight forwarder and drives a truck”, “This freighter is not serious: he had to carry eight baskets and he only gave me seven”.

However, we must not forget that in other parts of the American geography, as is the case of the nation of Uruguay, there is another meaning for the term freight that we are now dealing with. Specifically, it is used to refer to a riding horse that is identified because it has very good qualities.

On CubaInstead, a freight forwarder is a prostitute who walks the streets in order to find clients. The notion of freight, therefore, refers to the freight customer.