The concept of frame comes from late latin armatio. It is a term that can be used in both feminine and masculine, as accepted by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

In its broadest sense, a framework is a structure what provides support or medium, and can be made up of one or more pieces. Based on this definition, the notion has multiple uses in the most varied contexts.


A truss can support a sloped roof.

Frame in construction

A frame can be the structure that develops from pieces of metal or wood assembled together to support the cover inclined of a building. Also called armor, the frame is arranged according to the slopes (waters) of the deck in question.

In wooden constructions, the frame is called set of clamps and bars that serve to splice or join logs or to reinforce a beam. These frames, for example, can be found in some steeples: thanks to them, the hood can swing without transmitting its oscillation to the walls.

The concept in the means of transport

Different vehicles They have structures that receive the name of framework. In a boat, to mention one possibility, the frame is the skeleton made up of timbers and ligatures. In addition, this is the name given to the set of pieces that allow to erect something on it (such as the fore or aft frame).

The framework of a carriage, on the other hand, is the base made up of iron and wood. Typically, it has a rectangular design, with pieces joined in such a way that it is feasible to withstand the forces of tension and pressure.


In glasses, the frame or frame is the main structure.

The frame of the glasses or spectacles

In the field of optics, the frame or mount is the glasses holder (glasses) that makes it possible to hold the crystals. At first they were manufactured in steel or iron, then resins began to be used and today the most common frames are those made of titanium or aluminum alloys, although those made with mixtures of nylon and cellulose acetate are also used.

The frame holds the glasses, it hooks on the ears thanks to its sideburns and leans on the nose. The size of the frames varies depending on the diameter of the lens glass, the width of the bridge and the extension of the temple.

It should be noted that, in the temples, the frames often include decorative details. In this way, they can present from diamonds up to a wide variety of semi precious stones.

The idea in the field of arms

In the Firearms, the frame is the frame, the armor or the skeleton that contains and assembles certain parts that are essential for the operation of the device. What the frame does is to house the elements that make up the automation mechanism.

Take the case of a stir. The frame is usually made of steel and includes the profile of the stock, the barrel and the parts of the mechanism itself. According to the type of weapon, the characteristics of the frame can be very different.