Before going into the meaning of the term fragility, we will proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case, it must be established that it is a word that derives from Latin since it is the result of the sum of several lexical components of that language:
-The verb “frangere”, which can be translated as “break”.
-The particle “-ilis”, which means “that you can”.
-The suffix “-dad”, which is used to indicate “quality”.

The notion alludes to the characteristic of that which is fragile: that is, it turns out weak or what can easily break, break, ruin or destroy.

FragilityFor example: “The authorities closed the building due to the evident fragility of the structure”, “Falls, in the elderly, constitute a danger due to the fragility of their bones”, “The artist is going through a moment of emotional fragility due to the recent death of his grandfather”.

Inconsistency, weakness, weakness, laziness or delicacy are some of the words that are established as synonyms for fragility. On the contrary, among its antonyms we find terms such as hardness, consistency, strength or solidity, among others.

Frailty can be physical or symbolic. A sheet of wood a few millimeters thick, to cite one case, is an element with considerable fragility: if it is used as medium and heavy objects are supported on it, it will surely break.

The brittleness of a material can be linked to its little elasticity or deformability, something that causes it to fracture rapidly when under the influence of a force or when subjected to pressure. In contrast, ductile materials deform plastically without breaking.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as capillary fragility. This term refers to the problem that many people have in that their hair is fragile and breaks very easily.

Among the causes that can cause this fragility we find allergic reactions, infections, having vitamins at very low levels, hormonal problems and even metabolic disorders, for example.

As for symptoms, in addition to the hair breaking easily, there are the appearance of small vascular effusions of a cutaneous type as well as bruises of various sizes. The latter can be subcutaneous, which are mild; intramuscular, which appear in muscles, and periosteal, which are serious, very dangerous and can even cause great pain.

In an abstract sense, frailty can be related to emotional or psychological weakness. When a person She is fragile, cries frequently, is depressed or distressed, and is not in a position to cope with the various difficulties posed by reality.

An entity, like a business, an organization or an association, goes through a state of fragility if its subsistence is at risk. Suppose that, of a business partnership of five partners, two decide to retire. This causes the society in question to experience a fragile situation.