It is called fragmentation to the act and result of fragmenting: make something split into fragments (parts, pieces). Depending on the context, the notion has different uses.

Fragmentation can be a asexual division mechanism. In this case, an individual is divided into different parts, each with the ability to develop the reconstruction of a complete organism. This reconstruction can develop before or after the cleavage.


The worms reproduce by fragmentation.

Types of fragmentation as a method of reproduction

When reconstruction takes place before fragmentation, we speak of paratomy. Certain worms reproduce in this way. On the other hand, if the reconstruction is done after fragmentation, the process is known as architomy, just as earthworms can reproduce land and starfish.

Reproduction by fragmentation also appears in vegetables. Yes one person decides to propagate a plant by stakes or layeredWhat it does is fragment it (taking branches or portions of them) to produce new roots and obtain other individuals.

The division of a habitat

In the field of ecology, the idea of fragmentation of a habitat alludes to the irruption of discontinuities in areas that previously had continuous vegetation. With fragmentation, the habitat becomes a set of fragments that appear isolated from each other and disconnected.

The fragmentation of habitats, which can be generated by natural mechanisms (such as the action of the wind) or by human intervention, threatens the biodiversity, since the original flow of energy and matter is modified.

Cluster bomb

A cluster bomb opens to release other smaller bombs.

Fragmentation bomb

It is known by the name of cluster bomb, cluster or cluster to a directed or free fall that can be launched from air, sea or land. The characteristic of this bomb What gave it its name is that when it opens, it releases many other, but smaller ones, which can be used for various purposes: causing harm or death to a large number of people indiscriminately; start fires; go through armored vehicles.

The origin of the cluster bomb has not been fully defined: while some researchers claim that it was created in Nazi Germany, others point to a Chilean businessman named Carlos Cardoen, who manufactured a kind of fragmentation bomb during the 70s. The truth is that its presence in the field of cinema and video games is very wide, since it is ideal to cause explosions spectacular; unfortunately, its almost “humorous” representation in the entertainment world has little to do with the consequences of its use in reality.

The notion in computing

In the field of computingFinally, fragmentation is called the generation of blanks that cannot be exploited on disk. This occurs when files are stored in chunks that are not contiguous. Fragmentation renders access to such files inefficient.

As a counterpart of fragmentation, the defragmentation, a process that has the objective of accommodating the files within the storage memory so that all their parts are contiguous and their use is more efficient. Fragmentation occurs “naturally”, through the daily use of files: with the continuous writing and deletion of files on the hard disk, it is normal that their fragments are not stored together and this slows down access to them .

It is important to note that solid state drives (known simply by its acronym SSD) work in a very different way from hard drives, and they do not cause file fragmentation. In fact, if we run a defragmentation tool on an SSD we put its longevity at risk, since its technology allows a number of reads and writes much lower than that of traditional disks.