It is called formica yet material which is obtained from the paper conglomeration impregnated and coated with a resin. The term, which comes from the registered trademark Formica, is also accepted as formica, as indicated by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary.

FormicaFormica is a high pressure laminate, a type of product known by its acronym in English HPL. It is generally used for furniture, panel and door cladding as it provides protection to the wood.

The origins of formica date back to 1913. In that year, the specialists of Formica Group invented high-pressure laminates, which are now available in more than a hundred colors with different finishes and textures.

To produce the formica, multiple sheets of paper are fused together and impregnated with a resin. Through the Pressure and the application of hot, a conglomerate which, due to its durability and flexibility, resembles a plastic. Formica can adhere to boards of wood and other materials using various adhesives.

It is important not to confuse formica with melamine. While formica is a conglomerate of paper, melamine plates are developed with a decorative paper that is fused directly with the core, which is usually a reconstituted wood board.

Formica, finally, is the last name of an Argentine footballer: Mauro Formica. It is a midfielder who made his professional debut at the club Newell’s Old Boys and then played in England (Blackburn rovers), Italy (Palermo) and Mexico (Blue Cross and Pumas of the UNAM).