I forgetThe I forget is the cessation of memory to be had. It is a involuntary action that supposes to stop keeping in mind information that had already been acquired.

In general, forgetfulness is usually associated with a lack of attention or concentration, and the severity of its consequences varies greatly: it is not the same to miss a personal appointment as forgetting to lock the door of a building during the meeting. night. In this sense, the concept of interfering learning to define the acquisition of information that is stored in the place of a memory that has not yet been consolidated in memory.

It is important to note that once the information is interpreted by our brain, does not disappear; forgetting is not losing a memory forever, but that it is transferred to the unconscious plane, which is no longer accessible voluntarily or with the same ease as at the beginning.

Many times, human beings feel that we are forgetting something, but we cannot specify what it is; For some people, this feeling is recurrent, and if something is not done about it, it becomes a nuisance, a hindrance when it comes to committing to the world Exterior.

This is seen very clearly in individuals who cannot leave their homes without checking their bags several times, believing that they are leaving something behind. important, and it is a situation that should not be taken as a mere anecdote, since it constitutes a real nightmare for those who star in it on a daily basis.

Among the different causes that can encourage forgetfulness, there are blows to the head (which can cause amnesia), the alteration of the psychic apparatus (due to a disease such as schizophrenia) and physiological problems (such as poor development of the nervous system).

I forgetThe mind can also to block certain memories that are painful for the subject. In this way, it seems that the person has forgotten something (such as a accident child), although in reality, the only thing that your brain has done is to leave said memory in a plane not accessible in a conscious way.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to spontaneously forget those events that have marked their life in a negative way. There are those who say that memory is the basis of wisdom, that it makes us stronger because it allows us learn from our past so we don’t make the same mistakes twice; But bad memories are not always related to adult mistakes, but often tell stories of child abuse, which no one in their right mind would want to visualize again and again.

In this regard, there are experimental treatments that seek renew unwanted memories, which is the closest science has ever come to erase them definitely. To achieve this, it is first necessary to evoke that moment of the past that hurts us, to work on it once it is found alive in our memory. It should be noted that Canada is one of the pioneer countries in this branch of medical research, which interests many people who live tormented by their stories.

Oblivion can also be the cessation of affection or the bond that one had for something or someone: “He decided to leave his family in oblivion and went to another country in search of new opportunities”. In this case, the term is endowed with a more poetic sense, more abstract, turning it into a big chest in which everything that we no longer want to see or feel is deposited, sealing it in a dark corner of our memory to be able to move on without allowing it to continue making us suffer.