ForeseeableThe adjective foreseeable Alludes to what is part of the forecasts. It’s about something that can be forecasted or augured.

For instance: “It was foreseeable that, after the devaluation, the prices of imported products would increase”, “The expulsion of the Uruguayan striker was predictable, since he had been arguing with the rivals and with the referee for several minutes”, “The Dominican team suffered a defeat predictable before the American team “.

The foreseeable, in short, can be assumed with anticipation. Imagine that a child begins to juggle a crystal glass before the eyes of an observer. After a few seconds, the cup ends up falling to the floor and exploding into multiple pieces. Whoever witnessed the situation can affirm that the outcome was predictable, because the crystal It is a very fragile material and the child had already thrown the object into the air to try to catch it several times.

Suppose that, in a friendly match, the Argentine national team of soccer with the team that represents Tonga. On Argentina play world sports figures such as Lionel messi and Sergio “Kun” Agüero, while the set of Oceania It is made up of amateur footballers. The meeting ends with a bulky win in favor of the South Americans, who are imposed by 9 to 0. Beyond the atypical result, experts argue that was predictable due to differences in level and hierarchy. By the antecedents of Argentina and of Tonga, and the achievements achieved by his players, logic predicted a bulky victory of Messi, Omen and company.

ForeseeableIf we look at the list of the most common synonyms for the word foreseeableWe will immediately notice that it is not a particularly broad set, as is the case with simpler adjectives, such as “nice” or “old.” In this case, we can replace it with one of the following: predictable, probable, presumed, imaginable and predictable. With respect to its antonyms, the two most used are unimaginable and unpredictable, which are formed starting from two of the previous terms and adding a prefix to oppose their meaning.

In any case, we can see that the meaning of all these synonyms tells us about events or situations that do not occur exactly by surprise, or that are relatively «logical»If we pay attention to certain characteristics of your background. Let’s take the first one on the list, predictable: according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, its definition is “to predict a future thing based on certain indications”; that is, by studying the clues it is possible to estimate what will happen after a certain point in time.

In our day to day, the concept of forecast it is used very frequently to talk about meteorological weather: experts tirelessly observe all the parameters of the climate to try to anticipate phenomena as simple as a rain or as catastrophic as an earthquake. And taking this field of research as a point of reference, we can point out that the terms obvious or evident are not synonymous with foreseeable, at least not the most precise, since to foresee something it is necessary to make an effort, carry out some kind of study, while the obvious or obvious is in front of our eyes and anyone can notice it without any work.

Another of the most common synonyms from the list above is predictable: the verb predict it is defined as “announcing the future occurrence of something based on well-founded knowledge, conjecture, or revelation.” One evaluates the signs, the collate with previous experiences and then emits a prediction, a forecast, a forecast: based on all this, I am convinced that that will happen.