The concept of flow (word derived from Latin fluxus) gives name to act and consequence of flowing (understood as a synonym of sprouting, running or circulating). The word is used, for example, to describe the moment when the tide is moving. Examples: “The flow of the water was unstoppable and destroyed all the defenses”, “After hearing the sentence, the victim’s brother approached the press and released an irrepressible flow of harsh words”.

FlowIt is also known as magnetic flux to the extent that allows evaluating the level of magnetism, which is deduced based on calculations that include the magnetic field, the surface that it implies and the angle of incidence formed by the magnetic field lines and the elements of the surface.

The luminous flux, for its part, is the measure of the luminous power that can be perceived, while the radiant flux is the measure of the emitted power. Another type of measure is caloric flow, which makes mention of hot supplied per unit of time.

Mathematics uses the Flowchart to graph the algorithms belonging to a multi-factor process. The economy Take advantage of these types of diagrams to detail the status of a process.

For the psychology, the flow constitutes a state of mind in which every individual is completely immersed in the activity he is doing. It is characterized by the feeling of a focus on the Energy and by confidence in the success of the process.

In the health and anatomical field, for its part, reference is made to what is called blood flow. This is defined as the amount of blood that in a specific period of time passes through a section of a place of what is the circulation. The symbol Q identifies the one that is measured in millimeters per second.

More precisely, the normal values ​​of this aforementioned flow are considered to be 5,000 millimeters per second in an adult and in a resting position. In this sense, it is important to emphasize that this figure can be increased by actions such as exercise, the growth of body temperature or living a situation of anxiety or stress.

Blood flow, in addition to all the aforementioned, it must be emphasized that it is a fundamental value in the body since thanks to it are produced from the transport of heat or nutrients through the human body to the path of various chemical compounds that they allow to control the correct functioning of the various organs.

The vaginal dischargeFinally, it is a transparent liquid that the vagina secretes before a sexual stimulus or in certain stages of menstruation. The flow, produced by the Bartholin’s glands, facilitates penetration.

Finally we can add that there is also the term flow chart. With it, what is meant is to define a drawing of a succession of actions that are part of a specific system. Starting from this meaning, it is clear that a graphic representation of this type could be the one that comes to show the existing assembly line in an industry that is based on said system.