It is called flavoring to substance that is incorporated into certain products in order to give them a certain smell. What the flavoring does, therefore, is aromatize: provide smell (a smell that is pleasant).

FlavoringIt is common for flavorings to be used in food. By altering the organoleptic properties of food, with flavorings it is possible to make them become more acids, salty or sweet, for instance.

It should be noted that the flavor is always conditioned by the odor. In this way, flavorings are very important in gastronomic preparations. They are even used to disguise unpleasant odors, making the product more appetizing.

Flavorings can be classified according to their origin. The natural flavorings are obtained from seeds, spices, fruit, etc., through enzymatic, physical or other processes. These flavorings include essential oils.

The identically natural flavorings or identical natural flavoringsMeanwhile, they are obtained by chemical processes or synthesis and are, at a chemical level, the same as natural flavorings. The artificial flavorings, finally, occur in laboratories after identifying the chemical structure of natural aromas.

It is also called flavoring to the substance that is used to perfume objects or ambient. There are the liquid flavorings, the spray flavoring and the gel flavorings, among others, that reproduce the scent of roses, lemon or vanilla, to name a few possibilities.

Among the most popular flavorings are those that are applied to the clothing. In addition, the flavorings that are used inside the automobiles.