Flan is a term that derives from a French word, in turn from Old High German folded (which can be translated as “cake”). Flan is called a gastronomic preparation whose main ingredients are sugar, milk Y egg.

FlanThe flan mixture is brought to water bath so that it curdles: that is, it is placed in a container that, in turn, is placed inside another that has boiling water. The usual thing is that the mold where the flan is made is previously covered with candy (sugar which first melts and then hardens).

It is important to mention that other ingredients can be added to the flan, such as orange juice, chocolate or vanilla essence. In some cases it is also added flour.

The origins of flan are remote. It is believed that similar sweets were already made in the Ancient Greece and in the Roman empire, for example. The characteristic that distinguishes flan beyond its varieties is its texture something gelatinous.

In addition to the different types of flan, their accompaniments also vary. On Argentina, for example, it is common to eat flan with caramel sauce. Another option is to accompany it with whipped cream (whipped cream – whipped cream – with vanilla and sugar).

Although it is customary to prepare homemade flanSeveral companies make flan at an industrial level and sell it packaged. In these cases it is usually individual puddings. On the other hand, even flan mixes are sold in dust.

It should be noted that there are also salty puddings. In this group we can mention dishes like carrot flan, the spinach flan and the zucchini flan (zucchini), among others.