The Latin word filiatio came to our tongue What filiation. This is how the act and consequence of affiliating or affiliating: register somewhere or register personal data.

FiliationThe idea of ​​filiation may refer to the affiliation with an entity or a doctrine. In any case, the most common use of the concept is associated with origin of the people regarding their parents or their ancestors.

Affiliation, in this sense, is the link between ancestors and decendents, either for a legal act or by a natural fact. Individuals who are descended from others are related to these subjects by filiation.

Affiliation is understood as a straight. The action of procreation causes the filiation between the born and its parents to appear: from that filiation, the parents have obligations with respect to their child and the latter has rights due to their condition.

Beyond the nature, filiation can also be established through a legal adoption process. In this way, the adopted child acquires the rights of filiation, and the parents contract the corresponding obligations.

It is important to note that all Humans they can go to Justice for the resolution of your filiation status. If someone does not know the identity of their parents, they can initiate a claim action to obtain judicial recognition of the parentage.

The former Argentine footballer Diego Armando Maradona, by example, faced filiation lawsuits. Thus, through judicial channels, the affiliation of Jana Y Diego Jr., extramarital children of the athlete.