The term boxer that concerns us now, etymologically speaking, comes from Latin. Specifically, it emanates from the Latin adjective “pugnax”, which can be translated as “combative” and which in turn derives from the verb “pugnare”, which is synonymous with “fight or fight”.

Boxer it’s a noun that comes from boxer, a Latin term. The meanings that the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refer to the person who is dedicated to fighting with his own hands.

BoxerIn ancient times, a fighter was a gladiator or a fighter that he used his fists to defend himself and attack. Today the notion is used as a synonym for boxer, an athlete whose sporting activity consists of defeating an opponent with punches and respecting various rules.

For instance: “Argentine boxer Sergio Martínez became world champion by beating Mexican Julio César Chávez on points”, “I was a fighter in my youth and I got to win four professional fights”, “Although no person should be beaten in the street, boxers are prohibited from using their strength since, due to their training, their fists are almost weapons”.

Throughout history, boxing has had important fighters who have become figures of great weight and who have gone down in the annals for the set of victories obtained or for their peculiar characteristics. However, among the most significant are the following:
• Muhammad Ali, who managed to win 57 of the 61 fights and 37 of them by KO.
• Mike Tyson. He only lost 6 of the 58 fights he fought. However, his figure as a boxer was later tarnished by crimes committed outside the ring.
• Rocky Marciano, who won all 49 fights he fought.
• George Foreman. This fighter achieved statistics of 81 fights played, 76 won and 5 lost.

The fights between two boxers or boxers are developed according to the precepts of the regulation of this sport. It is not about people hitting each other without any control or limit: on the contrary, there is a judge who is in charge of ensuring that the fighters respect the rules.

There are several ways to win a fight. When a fighter hits his opponent in such a way that he falls to the ground and cannot get up in the next ten seconds, it is spoken of a victory by knock out or knockout. If the boxer throws his opponent three times in the same round, the win will be scored as technical knockout. Finally, if both fighters reach the end on their feet, a jury will be in charge of determining, according to the points awarded to each boxer for the hits connected, who is the winner.

Within the world of cinema, it should be noted that there is a character who has become one of the most emblematic in the history of the seventh art and who was precisely a boxer. We are referring to Rocky Balboa. Sylvester Stallone was in charge of writing the script for “Rocky” and starring in it at the same time.

It was released in 1976 and tells the life of a young lower-class Italian-American who, thanks to his qualities as a boxer, manages to rise to the top of success.