It is called asbestos cement yet material what is obtained by mixing cement other fibers used as reinforcement. Fiber cement is generally used to make pipelines and plates or plates which are intended for dry construction.

Asbestos cementFormerly it was used asbestos or asbestos for the development of reinforcing fibers; However, when these materials were found to be harmful to Health, were discontinued and were replaced mostly with fiberglass or cellulose fiber.

There are different preparations that allow to obtain fiber cement. A common mix consists of the combination of cement, cellulose fibers, synthetic fibers, sand and Water. In this case, the sand increases the resistance of the material to climatic conditions, the fibers function as reinforcement, the cement is the binder and the water, the substance that binds all the ingredients and starts the process that leads to the hardening of the cement.

The fiber cement sheets They are used to waterproof, insulate or cover different structures. They are also used for the construction of swimming pools, fireplaces and water tanks. As for the fiber cement pipes, they are used to supply drinking water, to the irrigation or to the drain, for example.

It should be noted that fiber cement has great durability since it does not rust, rot or suffer modifications due to extreme temperatures. It is also resistant to fire.

As it is very light, fiber cement offers advantages in terms of its transfer and handling. Another benefit it provides is its ease of drilling and court, which contributes to reducing work times.