Fellowship is a concept that is used as a synonym for Brotherhood. It can refer to a kinship bond or to a very close friendship.

FellowshipFor instance: “Both actors were united by a great fellowship”, “My father always fostered fellowship within the family”, “As much as the teacher tried throughout the year, he did not achieve fellowship in the classroom”.

The most common use of the notion refers to a relationship of solidarity and affection which is established between a set of individuals or between nations. For instance: “The fellowship between Argentina and Bolivia goes back more than a century since both peoples have common roots”, “In the third half, the rugby players show their fellowship and share friendly moments”, “The fellowship between the two churches was broken when the leaders of both entities fought on a television program”.

The fellowship activities, within this framework, seek to promote cordiality and strengthen ties. The authorities of two schools, to mention one possibility, can promote fellowship activities between the students of the two institutions to minimize the conflicts that, from time to time, occur between students. The idea is that the boys get to know each other and become friends or, at least, stop perceiving themselves as rivals.

The Theater of the Railway ConfraternityFinally, it is a room that is in the town Argentina from Tandil (province of Buenos Aires). Its origins are associated with the social and cultural action of trade union groups in the area.