BoldThe Latin word intrepĭdus came to Castilian as bold. East adjective is used to rate who does not fear danger.

For instance: “The intrepid boy did not hesitate to throw himself into the sea to rescue the little ones”, “The journalist, intrepid, asked the president about the complaints of corruption “, “Two intrepid travelers set out to travel the entire country on foot”.

Who is fearless, therefore, evidences his courage. The intrepid person decides to act despite the risks and is willing to bear the consequences of their actions. However, in some cases the intrepid individual works unconsciously, without reflecting.

It should be noted that the rating of fearless is subjective, since the assessment of risks or dangers often depends on individual perception. Someone can affirm that who parachutes from a plane He is intrepid since he considers this type of jump as something dangerous, while another subject may think that it is a exercise very safe and that, therefore, does not require a special value.

Similarly, the person qualified in this way may have a different opinion, ensuring that they do not feel fearless but simply do the things they are passionate about, without being aware of the dangers warned by others or without fear. If we think about it, other subjective qualifiers, such as being “genius,” go through similar situations: geniuses don’t always see themselves this way.

Suppose that, in the middle of a fire, a woman enters a home to try to rescue a dog. It can be stated that this person was intrepid: he did not hesitate to risk his own life to save an animal that might not have known how to take shelter in that situation.

Of course, animals can also be fearless, and in fact this adjective is carried by millions of individuals every day when they perform endless feats that our species could not begin to imagine. Survival demands fearlessness, in fact, a noun that is defined as «value and I throw at the danger; lack of reflection; audacity”. If no one dared to face the obstacles, entire species would disappear.

BoldThis leads us to think that in many cases the action of an intrepid being is enough for an entire community to be saved from misfortune. Every day we come across stories of bravery from individuals who acted unselfishly and uncautiously to save someone they did not know, and we also read about police officers, firefighters, and scientists who, through their fearlessness, solve problems whose consequences they could have affected many people.

We must point out, however, that an individual is intrepid because he is formed in this way from a young age, and not because he “decides to be”. This does not mean that it is not possible to modify your own personality to adopt certain characteristics, but the natural predisposition that leads us to be charismatic, funny, spontaneous, in tune when singing and intrepid, among many other things, cannot be acquired by force but in any case can be imitated with great effort .

On the other hand, the world does not only need intrepid beings. The secret of the survival It is found in the assessment of diversity: the combination of the most cautious and studious, those who think things through very well before acting, and the intrepid, with all the nuances in between, is perhaps the perfect formula.

The adjective fearless can also be applied to a action. In this framework it is possible to find expressions like “Fearless rescue”, “Fearless maneuver”, “Fearless attack”, “Fearless act”, etc.