Favor is a help or Help that is granted or asked of someone. For example: “Can you do me a favor and go buy milk at the market?”, “I need someone to do me the favor of lending me ten pesos: I’ll give it back to you tomorrow”, “Juan did Ofelia a favor and he never misses an opportunity to remind her”.

FavorA favor, on the other hand, is a benefit, a Grace or one honor: “The company gave me two months of favor until I can regularize the situation”, “With the favor of those present, we are going to begin the ceremony”.

The concept of favor allows you to pronounce various expressions. “Do me a favor” or “Do me the favor” can be used to place an order (“Do me a favor and hand me those papers, if you are so kind”, “Do me (do me) a favor, wait for me five minutes while I change”) or to demand something (“Do me the favor of shutting up”, “Don’t say silly things, do me a favor”).

It is interesting to emphasize the fact that in the past the term favor was also used with a significant other. Specifically, long ago it was used to refer to the flower or the ribbon with which the ladies entertained the gentlemen as a sign of love or admiration, among other sentiments. Then these men were in charge of, at public parties, wearing those on the lapels of their suits, on their hats or on the arm.

The expression “Please” also has two uses: to formulate a request (“Pass me the salt please”, “Can you spell your last name for me, please?”) or to express a protest (“A hundred pesos for those pants? Please!”, “I have never seen anything so unpleasant. Please, they are all crazy “).

Nor can we ignore the existence of the expression “in favor of”. With it, what becomes clear is that a person agrees with and supports another individual, group or institution. In this sense, a clear example of the use of said prepositional phrase would be: “Manuel is in favor of that politician who defends at all costs equality among all citizens.”

In the same way, we also have to refer to the interjective phrase “favor to the king” that in the past was used to make clear the action by which the justice ministers of the moment asked for help and relief with the clear objective of being able to achieve arrest a determined criminal.

To all this should be added the fact that there is an expression that is used in games of chance and that is also based on the term that we are now analyzing. We are referring to “favor suit”, which is used in what are card games to determine which suit (golds, cups, clubs …) is the one that can double the score in the case of winning.

“Do him a favor” to someone, finally, is an expression of colloquial language that refers to grant a casual sexual relationship. It is a somewhat vulgar phrase that denigrates the person To whom the relationship is granted: “Do Marta a favor and see if her mood changes”, “Mario insisted so much that I did him the favor last night”.