The Latin word ocŭlus led to eye, the concept that names the organ that enables vision in the animals and in the human being. The term, however, has other meanings.

EyeAs an organ, the eye can detect luminosity and convert its variations into a nerve impulse which is interpreted by the brain. Although its operation varies according to the species, it is usual for the eye to project the images it captures on the retina, a tissue that has cells that transform the light in the nerve impulses that eventually reach the brain.

For instance: “I think something got into my eye, because it itches me”, “The striker hit the referee in the eye and was immediately sent off”, “I’m going to have to go to the eye doctor since my eyes bother me”.

The eye can suffer various diseases. In some cases, they are alleviated or reversed through the use of glasses. In others, the disease requires surgical intervention or the provision of drugs.

But there is still more. We can say that the list of meanings that the word eye has seems endless. A good example of this are other meanings it has:
• Each of the holes or spaces that a network or mesh has.
• Refers to the word that is usually placed in the margins, in the header or in the footer of a text. With it, what is intended is that the reader takes his gaze and analysis to something concrete.
• In a colloquial way it is used to refer to the special attention that a person should pay to another, to an object or an action. Thus, for example, it is often said: “Manuel, take a look at the baby I’m going to go shopping at the supermarket.”

It is known as eye, on the other hand, when open space or gap that allows something to pass through. We can speak, therefore, of the eye of a needle to name the opening that allows the entry of the thread, or of the eye of a hurricane to mention a particular region that is created within a cyclone.

In addition to all the above, we cannot forget that eye is a word that is also used with some frequency to shape other terms. Thus, for example, there is a clinical eye. This is an expression that is used to refer to someone having an enormous capacity to be able to notice something in particular.

On the other hand, there is the well-known rooster’s eye. This is used colloquially to name the round type callus that many men and women often find between the toes.

Vulgarly there is also the eye of the ass, which comes to be the term that refers to the anus.

A bull’s-eye, also know as oculus, It is a circular window that is in a boat and that allows the entry of light and / or air.

In the world of cinema, the term eye has been used with great frequency to title films. A good example of this are films like “Abre los ojos”, “La Niña de tus ojos”, “In the eye of the storm” …