Extracurricular it’s a adjective used to rate what is not part of a curriculum. The term curriculum, meanwhile, refers to a Curriculum.

ExtracurricularThe extracurricular activities, in this framework, are promoted by educational establishments but are not specifically included in the academic program. Is about Actions that contribute to the teaching and learning process in a playful, creative or entertaining way.

In some cases, extracurricular activities are developed outside the school building. The most common example is field trips through which students leave school facilities to attend a play, visit a museum, etc. Extracurricular activities can also take place inside the school, although outside of class time. There are institutions that invite students to stay after hours to practice a sport or sing in a choir, to name two possibilities.

In general, extracurricular activities are aimed at promoting socialization of children and young people and the acquisition of knowledge that transcends the formal academic plan. Although it tends to think that the curricular is essential and that the extracurricular is secondary, for teachers there is no marked separation between the two universes, but rather that they are complementary and are mixed in different ways.

“Extracurricular”, on the other hand, it is the title of a Korean series that premiered in Netflix on 2020. The story revolves around students who go into the criminal world with the intention of obtaining money.