ExternalThe adjective external comes from the Latin word externus. The concept refers to that or that which acts or presents itself abroad, unlike the internal. For instance: “It is important to protect the information in some external storage medium in case something happens to the computer”, “I am not part of the permanent staff of the magazine, I am an external collaborator”, “The main business of our company is in the foreign market”.

The term is used for the construction of various expressions. The outer ear, to cite one case, is the sector of the hearing of vertebrate animals that includes the eardrum, the auditory canal and the auditory pinna. The function of the outer ear is to capture sounds and conduct them to the middle and inner areas.

A external angle, also called exterior angle, is one that is formed by one of the sides of a polygon and the continuation of the adjoining side. The polygons, at each vertex, have two exterior angles that have the same amplitude. Each of these exterior angles is supplementary of the interior angle with which it shares the vertex.

The external debt, on the other hand, it is made up of the sum of the debts that a nation has with foreign entities. It is made up of the debt contracted by the State (the public debt) and by that taken by individuals and companies (the private debt).

In the field of computing, there is the concept of external hard drive, which is also known simply as external disk or external drive, among other names, and it is a storage medium that is usually connected to the computer or the main device to save files as a backup, although the utility that each user gives it may be different.

The most common reason for acquiring an external disk is the lack of space on the internal disk, but it can also be done to preserve certain information in an environment other than that of the operating system, where it is not so exposed to viruses and computer failures, among other risks. . There are various types of media storage digital, each with its own pros and cons, but they all share one characteristic: they don’t last forever.

ExternalAmong the classes of external drives that are available on the market, those that have the same technology as traditional hard drives and those that use flash memory stand out. The main difference between the two is that the first has moving parts, since it contains a magnetic disk that rotates at high speed while a mechanical needle runs through it to perform reading and writing tasks, and the second relies on electricity to manage cells. from memory absolutely static.

The term external we also find it in the concept of exoskeleton, which have certain animals, protists, and fungi to support and protect your body. Another name it receives is dermoskeleton, and is characterized by covering the external surface of the body.

The company Ford endows your employees with a kind of skeleton external calling EksoVest to assist them in the heaviest and repetitive tasks. It is a kind of mechanical vest that prevents the wear of certain movements, especially those that require keeping the arms pointing upwards to adjust parts of cars that are suspended above them.

It is called external worker, finally, the individual who provides services to a company, but that is not part of their stable staff. This means that the external worker was not hired by the company in question, but carries out certain activities for it, invoicing them.