Exterior It is a term from the Latin language that can be used as an adjective or as a noun. The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) Alludes to what is on the outside.

By example: “If the day is nice, we are going to have the party outside the house”, “I heard on the radio that there is a temperature of two degrees below zero, so I am not going to look outside”, “I spent the whole week meeting with potential clients and suppliers: I could barely see the outside from the hotel window”.


From a window you can see the outside.

Exterior like appearance or appearance

The idea of ​​exterior can refer to the appearance of an individual or an object. In the case of people, the exterior is associated with its aesthetic appearance or his physical appearance, while in things it is linked to visible or external surface.

A young woman can tell a friend: “My boyfriend first attracted me from the outside, but finally he conquered me from the inside”. In this way, you are indicating that, although your partner was attractive to you because of his figure or his features, he ended up seducing you for reasons of his personality or character.

Regarding a car, meanwhile, a men can point to: “The exterior is impeccable, but it has several mechanical problems”. This indicates that, despite the fact that the plate looks very good, the vehicle has problems in its operation and in its components that are not so easy to notice.

The concept at the international level

The notion of exterior is also used in reference to countries different from your own, as opposed to the interior or national. For the one who lives in Uruguay, to mention one possibility, the exterior is made up of all the other nations (that is, by the all the nations of the world except Uruguay).

Starting from this meaning, we find multiple expressions that use this adjective. The foreign policy of a State, within this framework, contemplates the measures and decisions taken by the rulers for the international integration of their country and for the protection of national interests in the global context.

International Trade

Foreign trade covers the purchase and sale of products and services between different countries.

The foreign debt or external debtMeanwhile, it is the debt that a country must pay abroad. In general, the phrase refers specifically to the public debt that the Condition You have to pay abroad and in foreign currency, although sometimes private debt is also included.

The foreign trade, also called International Trade, refers to the exchange of products and services between different countries. These operations are regulated by different laws and are carried out using currencies such as the dollar or the euro.

The exteriors in film and television

When the term appears in the plural (outside), usually makes mention of open spaces where film and TV shootings take place. These are outdoor areas, unlike the studies.

The sequences that are recorded in these are also named as exteriors. spaces: “Today we have to record outdoors”, “Critics applauded the film’s exteriors”, “The production requested permission from the municipal government to cut the street and thus shoot several scenes of the film outdoors”.