ExploitationExploitation is the process and the result of exploit. This verb, from the French exploiter (which can be translated as “take advantage”), refers to appropriating the profits or benefits of an industrial sector or a commercial activity, and abuse of the qualities of an individual or a context.

For instance: “The English millionaire wants to participate in mining in the Patagonian province”, “We will have to optimize resources so that exploitation is profitable for us”, “Comrades, if we do not unite, capitalist exploitation will never stop and we will be condemned to live in the poverty.

In the field of economy, exploitation refers to all those interrelated activities that make it possible to obtain resources from a certain source. In this sense, one can speak of mining (to obtain minerals), agrobusiness operation (linked to plantations), livestock farm (bovine, swine, etc.) or fishing exploitation (related to aquatic species).

Within the sociopolitical context, exploitation is associated with inequities between social classes and to unequal distribution of income. The notion refers to the relationship established by the sectors dominant with the weaker classes. In this sense, one can speak of labor exploitation, which involves a series of abuses committed against workers.

ExploitationThis exploitative relationship between employers and employees represents the reality of countless people around the world. Not even the few people who claim to enjoy their work (either because they have known how to strive to cultivate their vocations to have a greater control of their lives or, simply, for having found a job where they feel comfortable) enjoy fair conditions. However, the injustice begins one level higher, since their bosses are the first to be forced to face very high taxes that have nothing to do with the economic situation of their country, as well as a series of rules that call into question the attractiveness. of being an entrepreneur.

As is often the case in other cases, the situation is too complex to propose an instant solution. Many say that in principle no one should accept abusive conditions when starting an employment relationship, but in practice, not everyone can afford to reject a job. However, it is not necessary to go to that extreme to bring about change; There are opportunities that would not cause the same impact but that can help shape reality little by little, that do not require more than a “no” to an inconsiderate request or a complaint at the time and with the right characteristics.

The left parties, on the other hand, make mention of the exploitation of underdeveloped nations by the countries industrialized. This exploitation is usually reflected in the imposed fixation of an economic relationship that harms the poorest and a bond of dominance / subordination.

For the biology, exploitation is a kind of bond that takes place through the interaction of various species in which some benefit from others that are harmed.

The concept of exploitation can also refer to the natural conditions, talents or abilities with which human beings are born. Societies are structured in such a way that only a few ask questions and find their own way, while the majority follow pre-established routes, moderated in such a way that they do not hinder the plans of those who have. the power. There are two opposing positions on the talentOn the one hand, there are those who believe that we all have immense potential, which would allow us to achieve whatever we set out to do, be it on an artistic, sporting or scientific level; on the other, a more conventional look speaks of gifted beings, who are inevitably distinguished from their environment.