ExpirationFrom Latin exspiratio, expiration is the action and effect of expiring. This verb refers to ending the life or at the end of a period of weather. For instance: “Before expiration, the old man looked out the window and smiled”, “Do not forget to consume this product before its expiration date”, “Those who want to present their candidacies will have to hurry since there are only two days left for the expiration of the term provided by the electoral Justice”.

Expiration can therefore be used synonymously with death or death: “The expiration was caused by a pulmonary failure that was aggravated by a generalized infection”, “I’m not scared of expiration, I’m worried about the whole previous process with the physical debacle”, “At a certain age, you can’t help but feel your expiration approaching”.

According to another of its meanings, expiration can act as a synonym for expiration or finished. In this sense, food have expiration date or expiration date: “Matías broke down since he drank milk when its expiration date had passed”, “The expiration of this type of food is evident because mold forms on its surface”. Various competitions and calls also establish an expiration date that is the deadline for submitting a job or candidacy: “The Book Society informed that the expiration date to present the writings will be next Thursday”.

With regard to the expiration or expiration date of food products, it is public knowledge that in most cases it is the day on which it is estimated that it will no longer have an attractive appearance for the market, instead of representing the moment in which it will cease to be in good condition.

Gastronomic companies are obliged to indicate the expiration date of their products, but this also benefits them, since in the event that, indeed, one of their food spoils on the indicated day, they should not be responsible for the damage that it may cause to those who consume it without heeding the warning . Some products, such as sliced ​​bread (also called lactal) have a special tendency to form fungi in times of high heat and humidity, while during cold and dry months they are preserved for longer.

ExpirationThere are many people who use their own experience and popular wisdom to examine foods and decide if they are in good condition. state to be ingested, regardless of its expiration date. Furthermore, since no restaurant can offer “expired” food, when a product reaches its cut-off day it is withdrawn and left in the garbage containers, and many homeless people come to take advantage of it, generally without negative consequences for their organism.

In the field of religion, the notion of expiration is used to name the crucifixion of christ. The expiration, in this sense, has given rise to numerous artistic works inspired by the fact and to a large number of brotherhoods, brotherhoods and churches, such as the Brotherhood of the Christ of the Expiration of Adra or the Holy Christ of the Expiration and Holy Mary of Sorrows.

It should be mentioned that this term is often confused with that of expiration, especially in written language, given its great resemblance. However, their meanings differ considerably; expiration is one of the phenomena that take place during process of respiration, and consists of eliminating the carbon dioxide present in the lungs through the air outlet.

However, it is curious that its etymological origin appears spirare, a Latin word that is associated with breathing and life. If we study some alternative expressions to expire to talk about death, we find, for example, with pass away and give the last breath. And in the latter there is a curious connection with the concept of breathing and a remarkable orthographic similarity with the aforementioned Latin term.