The expenses are outlets, disbursements or expenses. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the term can refer to thoughts, which are the costs that are generated, or that are expected to be generated, in the development of a lawsuit.

ExpensesOn Argentina, is called expenses to maintenance expenses of a edifice that are distributed among all owners or tenants. Its about money that is needed to pay for the services used in common spaces (electricity, water, gas), the manager’s salary, insurance and other benefits.

The expenses are paid monthly. Every month, the administrator of the consortium makes a settlement that he sends to the owners where the amount to be paid is detailed. In general, the figure is linked to the area occupied by the property: In the same building, the owners of the largest apartments (apartments) pay more than the owners of the smallest properties.

Sometimes, the expenses include in addition to a Reserve fund for eventual contingencies. In this way, the owners must pay the expenses and an extra amount for the conformation of said bottom.

This type of expense responds to the name of commons. However, the existence of what is known as extraordinary common expenses must be established. Under this term are those expenses that must be paid by the community that are not ordinary, that is, they occur not regularly.

Specifically, those are determined by the relevant board or assembly and can be directed to pay from compensation to third parties for damages caused by the community to improvement works in common areas through compensation for dismissal of personnel hired in a specific area .

Other important information about the expenses are the following:
-All of them, whatever they are, have to be approved by the owners’ meeting or assembly.
-As a general rule, they will be approved if they have a simple majority of those attending the aforementioned meeting, that is, what is half plus one. However, in the case of extraordinary common expenses, it will be essential that they gather at least 70% of the votes in favor to be approved.
– In the countries the expenses receive different names. Thus, for example, in Spain they are referred to as community fees, although there are those who, erroneously, call them community expenses or community expenses.

It is important to mention that, in general, the payment of the expenses corresponds to who lives in the building. Yes one person owns an apartment and rents it, the expenses must be paid by the tenant and not by the owner. Of course, the latter is not the case in all cases, so when renting an apartment it is important to look closely at the agreement that exists around that issue.

The prepositional phrase “At the expense of”, on the other hand, refers to what is done on behalf or at the expense of another individual. By example: “The growth of one company usually comes at the expense of another”, “I do not want to live at the expense of my parents: I intend to work and earn my own money”, “The tie leaves the rival team at the expense of their classic rival to qualify for the next round of the tournament”.