ExoticWith origin in Latin exoticus, which in turn comes from a Greek word, the concept of exotic make reference to all pilgrims of nationality different from the observer or foreign objects or individuals, especially when it comes to something or someone that comes from a distant territory.

Within the framework of biology, It is customary to use the idea of ​​exotic to describe the species, group, community, subspecies or lower taxon of both fauna and flora that can survive and reproduce without having to be in their natural territory. That is, of the place that the plant or animal in question occupies naturally, without the direct introduction or care of man.

The biology and exotic fauna, in general, tends to become an environmental and economic problem for attacking natural biodiversity.

The exotic, both for human culture and for nature, encompasses everything that comes from a strange place. Keep in mind that the rarity depends on the person considering the issue. For example: a kimono can be an exotic dress in Brazil, but something very common in Japan. The kimono, therefore, is not exotic in itself, but this characteristic is acquired according to the matrix cultural consider it.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that human beings tend to feel especially attracted to the different, the unknown, and this feeling almost ingrained in our species can lead to two very opposite attitudes: rejection, out of fear of straying from the path set by the closed portion of society in which they were raised, or an urgent need to get closer.

ExoticThis almost instinctive attraction to the foreign is responsible for the success of Japanese series in the West and American music in the East, the desire of whites to tan their skin, and the German taste for people with dark eyes and hair. The positive result is almost as absurd as the negative one, since in both cases the differences are oversized and no attention is paid to the true meaning that said features they had in the first place.

Returning to the aforementioned examples, anime, for example, is one of the most present elements in current Japanese culture and, although for the Japanese they have a very great importance, it represents a very normal form of artistic expression for them. The same happens with R&B (Rythm and Blues) in the United States, which in the last two decades has generated a crazy fanaticism in some eastern countries, especially for the music of Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson. Is it worth more Foreign what national or vice versa? Is it necessary to magnify the imported and place it above the autochthonous?

Of course, these questions have very simple answers, things that nobody wants to hear because they take away the twisted meaning that the human being gives to life: nobody is worth more than another person, no skin color is better than another, nationalism is a mistake, you shouldn’t consume something without understanding it first. In this way, the word exotic gives the noun in question a value addition that overshadows its essence and reveals only a small portion of its true meaning, contaminated by the inevitable and imprecise translations.

This adjective can also be used to name what is quirky or shocking. This extension of the meaning takes into account that what originates in an unknown and distant place is usually misunderstood: “The newcomer surprised by wearing an exotic costume at the meeting”.

A exotic dancerFinally, he performs in a cabaret or nightclub, dedicating himself to sensual dances.