Before entering fully into the meaning of the term evacuation, we are going to proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case we can state that it is a cultism that derives from the verb “evacuare”, which can be translated as “empty” and that it is the result of the sum of two well-differentiated lexical components:
-The prefix “ex-“, which is synonymous with “from”.
-The adjective “vacuus”, which means “unoccupied” or “empty”.

The term evacuation refers to act and result of evacuating: vacate, clear or empty something; expel or extract secretions. The concept is often used when a emergency it forces people to leave a place.

EvacuationA natural disaster, a accident, a act of war or a terrorist attack are actions that may make an evacuation necessary. With evacuation, it is intended that people move away from a dangerous area, heading towards a safe place.

Bowel movements can develop spontaneously or in an organized manner. Suppose a building begins to catch fire suddenly by a short circuit. Before him smoke and the fire, those who were there begin to evacuate the construction immediately to take shelter. In this case, there are no authorities organizing the evacuation.

A government, on the other hand, can order the evacuation of a region before the imminent arrival of a hurricane. This evacuation is compulsory: the rulers, upon noticing the risk that staying in the place in the midst of very intense winds would imply, tell the neighbors to move away, impose a curfew to prohibit traffic on the streets and announce that the services emergency will not work for safety reasons. To facilitate evacuation, they are installed evacuees centers where families can settle until the conditions are right for them to return to their homes.

It is common for schools, public buildings, hospitals or buildings with similar characteristics to have evacuation plans that determine how to act in the event of a fire or other emergency. Specifically, these plans establish a series of keys and maxims to follow, such as these:
-The first and most important thing is to try to stay calm.
-Then, it is necessary to suspend any activity that is being carried out.
-You have to be clear about where the emergency exit is to indicate it to others and to be able to leave the building.
-It is essential to help disabled people, children and anyone who needs it.
-To avoid crowds, falls and damage, you have to go outside through the emergency door in an orderly manner.
-Once outside the building, you have to move away from it and, especially, from the area that is the focus of the emergency.
-It is important to avoid blocking access to the street and the building with the clear objective that firefighters and other authorities can be allowed to carry out their functions.

In the field of biology, finally, evacuation or defecation It is the process that is carried out to expel excrement from the body.