The euro is a monetary unit used by most countries in the European Union (EU). They are nineteen states that form the Economic and Monetary Union of the EU and that give rise to the so-called euro zone, also known as Euro zone or eurozone.

EuroThe monetary policy of the euro area, which was created in 1999, depends on European Central Bank (ECB). Between the nations that have the euro as their currency are Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania and Italy.

It is estimated that close to 340 million from people they live in the eurozone. The euro, whose symbol is , is the second most traded and reserve currency worldwide, only surpassed by the American dollar.

The financial markets began to operate with euros in 1999. Three years later, the tickets and the coins.

It is important to mention that there are countries that, although they do not use the euro, they have their monetary unit linked to this currency through the European Mechanism of Change. That is the case of Denmark, Cape Verde Y Senegal, for example.

It should be noted that euro- It is also a compositional element that refers to what is linked to the EU or what is European. In this way we can find concepts such as eurocentrism, Eurocup or MEP.

It is also known as the euro when cardinal wind blowing from the east. To the God that represented this wind was called Euros or Euro: as it was said that it brought rain, it had as a symbol a vessel that spilled water.