It is called ethics to ethical condition: according to moral. The notion also refers to the goodness of people’s actions.

EthicityIn general, the concept of ethicality refers to the education of individuals with respect to values. It is about the human capacity to choose how to act based on a valuation which is linked to morality and the social and which develops throughout life.

Each human being goes beyond nature, since it is transformed and in turn transforms the world through culture. Ethicity is what forms subjects when they think about their behavior within the framework of a society.

People record and incorporate rules that allow to organize existence in community. It can be said that ethics is the process that leads someone to identify with a group, recognizing its values.

It is important to remember the idea of ethos, which is associated with the mode of behavior that makes up the identity and character of an individual or a group. As the human being is neither born nor developed in isolation, the ethos is social: actions are carried out within a society with specific values ​​and generate effects on others. It is also moral, since individual behavior obeys rules that are accepted as valid and that promote dignity.

Ethics, therefore, refers to the effort that is carried out so that values ​​are respected and embodied. As a process of socialization, education allows to form identity through interactions impregnated with these values.