EssentialEssential is an adjective that refers to what cannot be done without. It describes a living being or a thing without which a particular problem cannot be solved; in other words, your participation is absolutely necessary. For example: water is essential for life; no living being can exist if it does not consume a certain amount of liquid per day.

In a similar sense, the Sun it is also essential for the existence of life. Both the plant and animal kingdom depend on its presence to meet different objectives: plants take advantage of it to carry out photosynthesis, many animals (our species included) to change their skin and keep our body temperature above the minimum, and all to than the renewal of water through rain.

Essential, on the other hand, is something mandatory. It can be used in a corporate context, to refer to the regulation of a company, indicating that it is imperative to comply with a series of rules for its correct operation. This use is, unlike the one mentioned in the previous paragraph, very questionable, since it arises by decision of the human being and, therefore, it can change its mind and cancel the weight of its own rules.

Continuing in this same context, human beings tend to look for different structures on which to lean and build our lives, both at the level ideological as social and economic. That we hold a principle for decades does not mean that we will never question it and dismiss it. Also, it is worth mentioning that there is no idea on which all people agree. It does not matter the field, it does not matter if it is a scientifically proven fact; there will always be a minimum of two opinions opposed to any question of interest to our species.

EssentialOne of the most difficult myths to eradicate is the human need to eat based on meat, and more and more studies are trying to show that far from being indispensable for us, but it is potentially harmful to our health. The overweightFor example, it is related to the intake of meat, since it has a type of fat that is deposited under the skin; In addition, it has been proven that they collaborate with the development of heart attacks and diabetes, among other disorders.

Another consequence of eating meat is the appearance of colon cancer, since the proportions of fat and fiber can slow down the transit of the intestine, giving rise to the toxic substances in the food stay longer in the lining of the colon.

Finally, in many parts of the world, university studies are considered essential for professional success. However, the biography of many famous people who did not support their careers in the education They formally show us that this has no validity: Steven Spielberg, an internationally renowned film director; Barbra Streisand, singer and actress who has won all the awards ever invented in the art world; Luciano Pavarotti, whose voice has been flattered by anyone who has heard it; Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of video games and a mind whose creativity seems to have no end …

The list goes on, and shows that what is truly indispensable is hard work to polish and shape natural talent. Innate abilities cannot be obtained in an educational center, but they are not enough by themselves to achieve great objectives; it is necessary to prosecute them through study and practice, and this does not require a structure traditional, but can be carried out on your own, looking at each step the right path for you.