Epoxy is a term that comes from the English word epoxy, in turn derived from the Greek terms epi- (which translates as “on”) Y oxy- (referring to “acute”). In the field of chemistry, an epoxy is referred to as an functional group that presents a pair of contiguous carbon atoms, linked through a bridge made by an oxygen atom.

EpoxyThe idea of ​​epoxy is often used as an adjective to refer to a resin. Resins, meanwhile, are pasty or solid substances that are usually obtained from different plants.

In the case of epoxy resin, It is a synthetic resin which is used to produce glues and plastics. It is usually generated from mixing molecules from epichlorohydrin and chains of bisphenol A.

Epoxy resins are thermoset polymers that, with the application of a catalyst, solidify in a process that receives the denomination of cured. These resins can be used to fill, fix or seal, being valued thanks to their endurance against shocks and extreme temperatures.

Other uses of epoxy resin appear in the electronics and in the electricity. Epoxy resin, in this framework, is used to protect integrated circuits, transistors, generators and other elements from moisture and dust.

It is important to mention that, whether in mixing, handling or use, contact with epoxy resins represents a potential risk for the Health. Due to the release of vapors that can be inhaled, for example, it is possible to suffer damage to the body.