From Latin epŏcha, the term epoch allows you to refer to different concepts related to the weather. It is, for example, the date of an event from which the years begin to be counted. For example: “On November 9, 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new era in human history began”, “The defeat of the Dream Team in the 2002 world championship marked the end of an era for international basketball.”.

EpochAn epoch is, on the other hand, a time period that can be distinguished or defined by the historical events that happened in it and determined its ways of life: “Costumes from the Victorian era are my favorites”.

On a less precise level, the notion of time is used to name a certain period of time or a season of considerable duration: “At that time, men wore long hair and believed that a better world was possible”, “I will not see the national team since the time of Kempes and Fillol”.

In this sense, we cannot forget that there is the adjective phrase “of time” which is the one used to refer to something that belonged to a past time and was typical of it. This can be applied to objects and things such as a type of pants, a car or a hairstyle.

The period dresses or furniture are those that are used to recreate a time past in the theater or at the movies. Therefore, they are part of the scenery and costumes of the work in question: “I was impressed with the quality of the period dresses used in the film.”.

In the same way there is an expression that also makes use of the term that we are dealing with now. It is about the verbal phrase “make epoch”. It is used to make it clear that a specific fact or event has become a milestone in history, which will mean that it will be remembered for a long time.

In addition to all the above, we cannot forget the fact that there is a Spanish publication that uses the concept that we are analyzing as a title. We are referring to the magazine “Época”, which was born in the mid-1980s and since then has become a leading publication in the panorama of that country.

Of marked political character is one that is framed within the ideology of the right and that in recent years has seen how it has taken a thematic turn. Thus, now the same, Sunday supplement of the newspaper “La Gaceta”, also incorporates reports and articles on issues such as beauty, tourism, gastronomy, news, interviews with important figures of the national and international scene or culture (film, television, theater, music…).

The two most notorious cases that gave relevance to the magazine “Época” were accusations of electoral fraud against the former Vice President of the Government María Teresa Fernández de la Vega and of drug use against the former husband of Infanta Elena, Jaime de Marichalar.

A geological epochFinally, it is a division of a geological period. From highest to lowest hierarchy, geologic time can be divided into eon, era, system (or period), epoch (or series), and floor.