From the Latin term epilepsy, which in turn derives from a Greek concept, the epilepsy is a disease chronic condition characterized by appearing suddenly and generating convulsive movements, leading the person to lose the knowledge.

EpilepsyFor instance: “My nephew suffers from epilepsy and is under treatment”, “The driver crashed when suffering an epilepsy attack in his car”, “When a person experiences a seizure of epilepsy, try to avoid hurting his head”.

Epilepsy is a brain condition which can have various causes. Seizures usually occur when neurons promote a abnormal discharge of nerve impulsesAlthough it is important to note that not all attacks include seizures.

This abnormal electrical activity in the brain causes involuntary disturbances in the functions of the organism. Thus, the person may see their attention span, their movements or their way of behaving affected for a few seconds or minutes.

Various types of lesions in the brain can lead to epilepsy. A tumor, a stroke or a head traumaIn this sense, they are frequent causes. In some cases, the individual may register a genetic tendency towards the disease.

Starting from the various types of causes that cause the aforementioned disease, three classes of epilepsy can be established. Thus, first of all, we would have to talk about the symptoms that are produced as a consequence of a brain tumor, a brain injury, an arteriovenous malformation or a head injury.

Second, there is what is known as idiopathic epilepsy. In this case, it is the one that is usually due to a hereditary factor, although as a general rule the cause cannot be identified because, after subjecting the patient to a series of medical tests, it is found that he does not have any type of neurological problem.

And finally, third, is cryptogenic epilepsy. A name is used to define those epilepsies in which it is very clear that the person in question has a series of structural damage but a specific cause that causes them cannot be determined.

There are people who, in the moments before a seizure, feel something abnormal or unusual. That moment is known as aura and it is a kind of warning or prelude to the epileptic crisis.

Many are the people who have relatives or friends with this disease and who do not know how to act when they suffer any of the crises. In this case, it is important to follow a series of basic guidelines: do not lose calm at any time, whoever suffers it must be laid on the ground and away from any object, it is necessary to avoid hitting their head, they must be laid down on his side so that he can breathe much better, not holding him, not opening his mouth or putting anything in it, and finally being by his side until he regains consciousness.

Regarding the epilepsy treatment, It can include from the supply of drugs to brain surgery, through the adoption of healthy diets and habits that help reduce the frequency of seizures.