The entomology is the branch of the zoology centered on study of insects. To understand the concept accurately, in this framework, one must first define what is zoology and what are insects.

EntomologyIs named zoology to science what analyze the animals. A insectmeanwhile, it is a type of animal: a arthropod (A class of invertebrate) that has three pairs of legs and one of antennae, has one or two pairs of wings and has a segmented body in the abdomen, thorax and head.

From these ideas, we can affirm that the entomology is a scientific discipline whose object of study are insects, which belong to the animal kingdom. The expert in entomology is known as entomologist.

The insects are believed to have appeared ago 400 million years, on the Paleozoic era. The most distant roots of entomology are to be found in the prehistory, since the human being was always interested in knowing more about these species due to their incidence in crops.

From XIX century, the observations on insects acquired greater formality and rigor and thus entomology was forging. Own Charles Darwin (1809-1882), who postulated the natural selection as a mechanism of biological evolution, ventured into entomology.

When studies of these animals are carried out on the basis of human interest, we speak of applied entomology. This area includes the work carried out to generate knowledge about the control of pests, the disease transmission and the wax and honey production, for example. The forensic entomology, on the other hand, it is the specialty that focuses on insects installed in a corpse to estimate the date of death of the individual.