The term process, which comes from the Latin word processus, can be used with reference to all the stages or cycles of a certain operation or of a natural phenomenon. EndogenousMeanwhile, it is that which arises within.

Endogenous processesThe idea of endogenous processes appears on the ground of the geology. Is about geological processes that originate within the earth’s crust.

The volcanism (the activity of volcanoes), the failure (the fracture of the cortex along with the displacement of one of the edges) and the folding (the effect that is generated in the crust when rocks that are subjected to lateral pressure move) are the most relevant endogenous processes. These events are mainly responsible for the characteristics of the relief of the Land.

It is important to bear in mind that endogenous processes depend on forces inherent to the planet. The influence of the outside, in this framework, is very limited. The displacement of the earth’s crust, volcanic activity, and earthquakes They are caused by this type of process.

Regarding the emergence of endogenous processes, it should be mentioned that they are usually due to the thermal energy that is present in the cortex and in the mantle. In turn, thermal energy is produced by gravitational differentiation and by the decay of radioactive substances.

It should be noted that, as well as the endogenous forces cause unevenness in the surface of the planet, exogenous forces tend to reduce or eliminate them. Characteristics caused by endogenous forces they are always modified by the action of exogenous forces.