EndearingEndearing it’s a adjective which refers to that or that which is very affectionate or intimate. An endearing being is lovable and spontaneously awakens affection in others. For example: “Heidi is an endearing character who made several generations happy”, “I am very happy: a dear friend from my childhood who lives in Germany will come to visit the country and we will meet again after fifteen years”, “It is an endearing book that I treasure among my favorite works”.

As can be seen in the previous examples, the adjective can be applied to symbolic people, animals, objects or things. If it is said that someone is endearing, it is referring to being an individual very loved by their environment: “Ricardo is an endearing boy, with mistakes like anyone else, but he is a great person”, “The team will miss Rubschenko, an endearing person who made himself loved as soon as he arrived at the club”, “I don’t understand why everyone considers Tweety to be an endearing character; for me he is a demon “.

From the point of view of our species, others animals They tend to captivate us with their looks and fall in love with their behaviors, especially because of our inability to understand them, given the cultural differences that separate us. Precisely, the adjective endearing appears very often to refer to non-human animals.

Literature is an inexhaustible source of endearing characters, who often reach the masses through film and television. Although this adjective is not necessarily linked to the age of the person receiving it, it is common for it to be used especially in the field of content childish, or to refer to individuals who deny, in one way or another, the impositions traditionally associated with adulthood.

For decades, Disney was responsible for bringing joy to millions of people around the world with its witty stories, thanks in large part to the help of its peculiar characters, which are ideal for understanding the meaning of the term endearing. According to the opinion of many followers of the North American company, among its most endearing characters we find Pepito Cricket, The Mad Hatter, The Seven Dwarfs, the fairy godmothers of Sleeping Beauty and Tambor (Bambi’s rabbit).

EndearingIn some cases, it is enough to look at their photos to understand that they have been selected to represent the endearing essence of Disney characters. However, once they are known closely, they seem to have little in common, to cite an example, The Mad Hatter and Tambor, which indicates that this adjective hides certain nuances: in addition to the tenderness that they can awaken, which does not is always spontaneous, in some of them there seems to be an attempt to displease us, which is contrasted just in time with certain attitudes that end up winning our affected.

An object can be endearing when it generates nostalgia or shoot regards emotional: “That teddy bear is an endearing doll that my mother gave me when I was five years old”, “Collectible cars are the most endearing toys”.

Certain situations or activitiesFinally, they can also be endearing to a person, if they evoke times in their past in which they felt a deep happiness and to which you would like to return if possible: “Going to swim in the lake is part of my fondest memories”, “That camp was endearing to me”.

The past it has a great weight for human beings, which does not seem to happen with the rest of the animals; based on the knowledge provided by studies of misnamed species wild, they do not seem to get caught up in their misfortunes, but they always get up and keep moving forward, until their presence is not necessary for their pack or for themselves, as the case may be. We, on the other hand, tend to look back, to allow negative events in the past to prevent us from enjoying the present, and therefore words like nostalgia Y endearing They are so important to us.