The first meaning of the adjective emblematic that mentions the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in its dictionary refers to what is linked to a emblem. Emblem is called, meanwhile, what symbolically represents something else.

Something representative

The emblematic, in this way, is representative or significant. By example: “The emblematic rock band will offer a concert with free admission to celebrate a new anniversary of national independence”, “We cannot allow them to demolish an emblematic building in the city such as the San Roque Theater”, “The emblematic model of the Italian manufacturer turned fifty years”.

Iconic monuments

The Eiffel Tower is an emblematic monument of Paris

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčemblematic can be used to describe an object, something abstract (not physical) or even a person. A iconic constructionIn this framework, it is of great importance in a certain locality. Suppose that, in a town, there is a train station that is a century old. This structure, due to its history, it is emblematic.

There are cities that people can identify just by looking at these buildings. We can cite the Eiffel Tower as a monument emblematic of Paris, as is the case with the tower of Pisa Italian, the Statue of Liberty American or the pyramids Egyptian. Something they all have in common is that their creators could not imagine the significance they would have, both spatially and temporally.

An emblematic event

On the ground of sport, it is common to talk about emblematic matches, which acquire that name due to their significance. The triumph of the Argentine national team basketball (basketball) about the American in the 2002 World Championships was emblematic since it was the first defeat of a North American team made up exclusively of players from the NBA.

An event of these characteristics is not common, it has not happened before and it may not be repeated. For this reason it is very special and people remember it for a long time; depending on its importance and scope, it can go down in history. This brings us to the concept of milestone, which in one of its meanings is defined as “fundamental event, thing or person for a specific context or field.” In this case it is a fact that changes the course of many people’s lives.

Returning to the definition of emblem and emblematic that we presented at the beginning of this article, we can say that a match with a result as unexpected as it is worthy of pride for the winning team represents effort that all its members put. It is not just any victory, but one that seemed impossible given the rival’s experience and his track record throughout his career.

Iconic basketball

A sporting event can be emblematic if the results are unprecedented

An emblematic individual

A iconic individual, finally, it can represent an artistic discipline, a style or a genre for its outstanding career. Madonna, in this framework, is a iconic pop figure thanks to the millions of records that he sold throughout his career.

A person’s life can become iconic for different reasons, largely dependent on the ambit in which they are framed. A popular singer has different ways of influencing people to a point that allows her to go down in history: the number of sales nationally or internationally is the most evident for the market and for people who do not follow her closely. However, the content of his songs, the messages he sends to his fans through his music and his behavior in public, his convictions and the way in which he carries out his career are more important, they are what differentiate a great artist of a passenger.