It is called ember to the Coal or to firewood when they are incandescent: that is, reddened from the heat. It should be noted that charcoal and firewood are solid fuels since, when oxidized, they release energy.

EmberThe product resulting from the combustion. When there are no longer flames due to the fire having been extinguished, the pieces of charcoal or wood turn into embers that continue to transmit heat through radiation.

Charcoal is often used for the generation of embers that allow cooking the food. Since flames can take away cooking, it is important that there is no fire and that it is the incandescent embers that transmit the heat for the proper cooking of the food.

The roast, also know as Barbecue or barbecue, is usually prepared with embers. This cooking method is common in Argentina and in Uruguay and it requires a certain skill to achieve the perfect cooking of the meat and the offal or offal (the offal).

In the case of firewood, thick and hard wood is used to produce embers. The objective is that, with the fire lit, the combustion is carried out in such a way that good embers are obtained and that their conversion into ash is delayed.

It should be noted that, in ancient times, the braziers to warm an environment. These containers had a space to place hot embers, thus serving to heat a room. In addition, a brazier is called portable oven that works with embers.