A region is a territorial expansion that is delimited according to certain characteristics: administrative, geographical, historical, etc. Economic, for its part, is that which is linked to economy (the science dedicated to the analysis of the production, exchange and consumption of products and linked to the distribution of resources).

Economic regionThe idea of economic region is used to name the area of ​​a nation which is defined from the economic activity that has greater preponderance. It may be a agricultural region, a mining region, a oil region or other type.

Specifically, we can determine that based on these premises, the usual thing is that, in addition to the above, different types of economic regions are established: livestock regions, wine regions, sugarcane regions and timber regions.

As the name of each one indicates, they are specialized in a specific product or activity, which are the factors that, in the end, give them recognition, prestige and the added value they need for their present and, above all, their future. .

Typically, an economic region develops spontaneously or naturally according to the characteristics of the terrain. For example: in a country that has fertile lands in its central zone, an agricultural region will be formed in that part of the territory. In this region it will be profitable to develop different crops due to the characteristics of the terrain, which will give rise to an agricultural region.

Sometimes, however, the Condition encourages the emergence of a specific economic region. This is the case of the Government that promotes the development of a technological pole in a certain area of ​​the country, providing subsidies and cutting taxes to favor the installation of technology companies. Thus, the authorities try to promote a technological region with manufacturers of hardware, software companies, etc.

On RussiaFinally, there are economic regions that are equivalent to administrative units created by the Condition. Here, for example, there are considered to be eleven economic regions. Among these stands out, in a special way, the one known as the Northern Economic Region, which has a population of almost six million people and which is based on the following economic pillars:
-Livestock, which is specialized in the raising of reindeer, pigs and cows, both dairy and meat.
-Agriculture, on the other hand, focuses on the cultivation of flax, fruits, potatoes and also forage.
-To all this, it should be added that it has different deposits that are also the base and sustenance of the population. We are referring to those of apatite and phosphates as well as those of iron, for example.
-In addition, its activity also revolves around the production of cardboard, cellulose and paper.

The North Caucasus economic region and the Volga economic region are between these regions.

In addition to these three mentioned, the rest of the economic regions that exist in the Russian country bear the following names: Center, Center-Chernozem, East Siberia, Far East, Northwest, Ural, Volgo-Viatski and West Siberia.