Duck it is a term with etymological antecedents in Persian and Arabic. The concept is often used to name a class of animal it has wings and a body covered with feathers. The duck is a bird that belongs to the family of the anatidae and that generally lives near water (ducks are webbed: have joined fingers for easier swimming).

Among the characteristics of ducks, their short legs and wide-tipped bill stand out. The duck can tame oneself, although it habitually lives wild in the nature.

Animal with feathers

The duck is an animal whose body is covered with feathers.

Duck meat and species

There are multiple species of duck. The Anas platyrhynchos domesticus is he domestic duck, which can live in a pond. It usually has white plumage and an orange or yellowish bill.

The Anas specularoids or crested duckInstead, it has dark feathers. This animal is originally from South America and lives in rivers, lakes, lagoons and oceanic coastal areas.

The meat Duck is very popular in various countries of the world. The legs and breast are generally eaten, although the kidneys, liver, and heart are also eaten and allow patés and other recipes to be prepared.


Ducks are webbed and are part of the family group of ducks.

“The Ugly Duckling” and character of “Pocoyo”

One of the most important children’s stories in the history of Literature is, without a doubt, “The Ugly Duckling.” It was written by the great author Hans Christian Andersen in 1843 and tells the story of a little duck, bigger, uglier and clumsier than the rest of his brothers. However, that sadness he feels for being like this will evaporate in time, when he discovers that he really is a beautiful swan.

This narrative has a moral, like all classic tales. Fundamentally, it determines the need to have good self-esteem, to be clear that what can be seen as a defect can actually be a virtue.

At present, within the children’s sphere, there is also Pato. This is one of the characters in the television series “Pocoyo”. Specifically, it is the best friend of the protagonist. It is a five-year-old duck, who stands out for being shy, somewhat curmudgeonly, very cautious and always wearing a significant green hat.

Duck as a sport

The duck, on the other hand, is a sport Argentine that is played at horse. The objective is to insert a kind of ball (the duck) into a hoop that is installed vertically on a 2.40 meter pole.

The name of this game alludes to the fact that, in its origins (XVII century), it was played with a living or dead duck. The absence of rules made the matches very violent, with injuries and even deaths after clashes that could involve more than a hundred players.

Brazilian soccer player and compositional element

Within the field of sports we cannot forget a figure who is known by the pseudonym of Pato. This is the Brazilian footballer Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva, who played in the forward position at Sao Paulo Fútbol Club, in the Brazilian league of Serie A. However, he has previously played in the ranks of other great teams, as would be the case. Milan, where he was from 2007 to 2012, or Corinthians, during the 2012-2013 season.

Duck, finally, is a compositional element of the grammar used to form words that refer to pain or illness, such as pathology.