DrumDrum it is a term that has multiple uses. The concept can be used with reference to a instrument from music It consists of a soundboard with patches or membranes that are struck with sticks. The drum, therefore, is part of the group of percussion instruments.

The drummer hits the head with the drumsticks, or in certain contexts with one hand, to generate the sound. The bongo drum, the tambourine, the box, the battery, the drum and the drummer are some of the instruments linked to the set of drums. For instance: “My son asked me to give him a drum for his birthday”, “In the introduction of the song, the sound of the drums stands out”, “The neighbor upstairs is playing the drum all day and he won’t let me sleep”.

Unlike other instruments or instrument families, the drum has a learning curve that allows students to start making music in no time, even after the first lesson. This does not mean that it is not possible to achieve a high level of complexity, but that there is no initial barrier comparable to that of the violin or the piano, for example, which require much more effort at the beginning to be able to play a simple piece.

One of the curiosities of the drum is that at first glance it is an instrument to produce noise, but deep down it can become an ideal tool for the search for personal balance, since beyond the musical field can be therapeutic. Although it presents certain differences, the drum is present in almost any gender musical, one of its most attractive aspects for those who want to take their first steps, since they probably should not change their musical tastes.

Playing the drum requires a particular level of coordination: each hand must follow a Pattern different, something similar to what happens with the piano. This can be very beneficial for those who need to refine their motor skills to cope with certain disorders. Since the drum is an instrument that often brings people together, it can also serve as a tool for dealing with personality traits such as inhibition.

DrumThe stress It is a problem that almost everyone in modern society has to deal with, since it almost inevitably seeps into our system due to social demands and economic problems, so common in our day-to-day lives. In addition to a healthy diet, physical exercise and meditation, learning to play the drum is one of the tips that many specialists give their patients to relieve tension and clear the mind.

Various objects with a cylindrical shape are also called a drum. The containers of this type that are used for the roasting of grains or to develop different types of mechanical processes can be named as drums: “Please take the corn drums to the warehouse”, “Look what’s in that metal drum”, “The cereals are dried in a drum and then ground”.

The rotary loader that houses the ammunition of the revolvers receives the name of drum: “The Police found a gun with five bullets in its drum”, “The man saved his life because the criminal’s drum jammed”, “There is no danger: I have already confirmed that the barrel of the revolver is empty”.

For the architecture, a drum is a structure that functions as the base of the Dome, prolonging it. These drums are usually cylindrical, although it is possible to find polygonal drums. The purpose of the drum is to increase the height of the dome so that it stands out from the rest of the construction.