The drug addiction is a pathological practice consisting of get intoxicated with drugs to eliminate pain or generate pleasant sensations. It is a habit with harmful consequences for health.

Drug addictionThe term is often linked to the drug addiction (i.e. addiction to one or more drugs) and to drug addiction (The consumption of drugs that the person, due to his addiction, cannot control or avoid). With drug addiction, the subject also cannot easily dispense with the use of narcotic drugs since he registers a psychological dependence and sometimes also physiological.

The use of substances to alter consciousness and develop novel sensory experiences is very old. Whereas substance abuse was not once considered a disorder or an inconvenience to society, in the contemporary era this habit is taken as a social problem with multiple consequences.

It is important to mention that, for the World Health Organization (who), a drug is a substance that, once introduced into the body, affects the central nervous system functioning, causing psychological and / or physical changes that can alter the behavior of the individual and cause dependence. Who is immersed in drug addiction, therefore, is not in a position to stop the drug by himself to regain his normal life.

Although it is common for the idea of ​​drugs to be associated with illegal substances as the cocaine wave heroin, drug addiction can also develop with products of legal sale As the alcohol. Therefore, to minimize drug addiction cases, it is not enough to make use of judicial or police mechanisms, but also work on awareness and education.