A drive-in movie theater it’s a open place where the projection of a movie in a big screen that can be seen from inside a car. In this way, the viewer enters the premises with their vehicle and follows the film without alighting from it.

Drive-in movie theaterIt can be said that a drive-in theater is equivalent to a room movies, although the public does not sit in seats, but remains seated in a car. Usually in the outdoor enclosure there is a Pub or shop where attendees can purchase treats and snacks to consume while watching the movie.

In order for the drive-in to accommodate a considerable number of people, it must operate on a wide area. Basically it is a large parking lot or parking lot with a screen and a projector. It is key that screen can be seen from all cars.

It is usual that, to favor visualization, the projections are made at the sunset or by the night. As for the sound, at first they were used speakers that were located next to the screen, although later the audio began to be transmitted via FM or A.M so that he could tune into the radio vehicle.

The first drive-in projects were developed from the mid-1990s onwards. 1910, when the use of cars was very limited. Just in the years ’30 began to consolidate these sites, which had their heyday between the end of the decade of the ’40 and ends of ’60. With the pandemic of coronavirus in 2020, drive-ins re-emerged in several regions by allowing the enjoyment of the seventh art while maintaining physical distance between people.