A doll is a figure of human being which is used as ornament or is used for play. The dolls can be made of cloth, wood, plastic, porcelain or other materials.

DollThe idea of ​​a doll refers to the figure that mimics the appearance of a men. On the other hand, when the figure is feminine, the term used is wrist. As a toy, dolls were traditionally assigned to boys, while girls were usually given dolls, although this gender distinction has become obsolete in recent years.

The children’s dolls They are usually developed with resistant materials so that they do not break easily. In addition, it is sought that they are not dangerous (they should not have tips no sharp parts, for example).

There are dolls that have a purpose didactics or that even aim at the reproduction and strengthening of pre-established social roles. Thus, it is common for girls to play with baby dolls to which they must give the bottle (the bottle), dress them, take them for a stroll, put them on the bed. crib, etc. In this way they learn and assimilate the tasks of motherhood.

It is important to note that the first dolls were not intended for children’s entertainment, but were used in rituals or they had a religious or magical connotation. Today adult dolls are part of the collecting and can be used to decorate a piece of furniture or ambient.

It should be noted that a doll is also called a figure that is not of person. In this sense they can be found animal dolls, monster dolls and many more.

Finally, a doll is mentioned as a boy or young man who stands out for his beauty: “Your son is a doll! Congratulations”, “They say that the grandfather, in his youth, was a doll”.