The dissension occurs when two or more people do not share the same point of view, opinion or target. The term refers to that opposition that arises when there is no coincidence in the opinion.

DissensionDissent is generally regarded as something positive or healthy. The lack of uniformity in thought demonstrates the existence of independent and autonomous positions and the straight to think differently.

However, in some areas dissent is harmful And till harmful. In the highest positions of a governmentTo mention one case, there should be no dissent since the policies established to manage public affairs could be contradictory to each other.

On the other hand, it must be considered that the authorities, on occasions, censor dissent to avoid rebellions or to not lose power. This is common in authoritarian or undemocratic regimes.

Take the case of the president of a nation That decides prevent the development of opposition demonstrations. The president appeals to the security forces so that people cannot meet and march through the streets, thus making it impossible to express dissent.

Within a political party, meanwhile, dissent is given by the divergent positions of its members on certain issues. Suppose that some leaders are in favor of legalizing abortion, while others reject it. As can be seen, there is a dissension within the party in question because there is no agreement among its members regarding the legal possibility of interrupting the pregnancy.