DisplacementThe displacement makes mention of the fact displace and its consequences. This verb, on the other hand, has various uses: it can refer to move around, remove someone from a position or travel from one place to another, among other issues.

For instance: “Displacement through the city was chaos: there were roadblocks and demonstrations in various sectors”, “The president decided to displace the Minister of Justice for his controversial statements”, «Can you help me with the movement of the table? We should leave it by the window ».

People and any object are susceptible to displacement. It could be said that a man who travels by train to his office, a child who walks to his grandmother’s house or a woman who leaves her bedroom to go to the bathroom are doing different types of displacement. In turn, a package that is carried by the mail from one house to another or a desk that is pushed into a room to give it a new place are also movements.

On the other hand, the concept of internal displacement is linked to persons that, due to a natural catastrophe, a war conflict or other crisis situation, they are forced to abandon their homes. The displaced remain within their country, a condition that differentiates them from the refugees (who request asylum in other nations).

Finally, it should be noted that, for psychology, displacement is a type of defense developed by the unconscious, redirecting certain emotions that are taken as dangerous towards some tolerable mental representation.

On physical The term is used to refer to the path an object travels, taking into account the starting point, its final position and the time in which it developed that path. It is said to be a vector quantity, which indicates that the main elements that will make it up will be magnitude and direction.

DisplacementThere are other concepts related to displacement, one of them is that of forced displacement also know as exile, which refers to an entire population or a community, is forced to leave the place they inhabit for major causes that threaten life or security, such as wars or death threats.

In some cases, forced displacement occurs in territories where poverty reigns, however in most cases it occurs in places with great potential for resources, but where powerful nations are fighting for sovereignty. In Colombia, those responsible for the large mass of forced displacements that have taken place in recent years are paramilitary groups and the security forces of the State.

The main consequences of forced displacement are the social disintegration (individuals disperse to other places in search of stability) and family breakdown (some families are forced to separate because of the extreme danger). The feeling of helplessness and the loss of the feeling of belonging create an emotional void and a lack of containment to satisfy needs and face difficulties.

A chemical shift, for its part, is the phenomenon that occurs due to the variation of reiteration in the resonance of a nucleus with respect to the theoretical frequency. It is symbolized by the letter “d”. It is important to note that the higher the force field applied, the greater the field known as induced. Taking into account the values ​​of both fields, you can acquire a relative scale that will allow knowing the hypothetical results to be obtained. The factors involved in displacement are both cores (proton and Carbon-13).