DiffusionDiffusion is the action and effect of spreading (to spread, divulge or spread). The term, which comes from the Latin diffusio, refers to the communication extended message.

For instance: “The city has beautiful tourist attractions, but it fails to spread it; that’s why it doesn’t receive so many visitors “, “The government has launched a dissemination campaign to counter criticism from the opposition”, “My niece works in a non-governmental organization to disseminate its activities”, “I am going to create a press release for the dissemination of this undertaking”.

The journalists and the experts in social communication are the professionals chosen by the Business and the organizations to work on the dissemination of its products, services, activities, etc. The media, such as television, radio, print publications or the Internet, are the channels used for the dissemination of content on a massive scale.

In the field of business, diffusion of innovations is a concept that refers to the acceptance of a new product by the market. Advertising and marketing influence this process.

Tips to improve the diffusion of a blog

Given the large number of blogs that exist in Internet Today, it is increasingly expensive to achieve an acceptable number of regular readers, which is vital for this type of publication. Getting lost in a sea of ​​offers is disappointing for those struggling to generate innovative content; For this reason, it is important to contrast the hard work of research and writing with a series of practices, which are detailed below:

Diffusion* make the information as friendly as possible: First of all, it is essential to know the features of the public to which a blog is directed. However, it never hurts to have a percentage of occasional readers, who eventually collaborate with the dissemination of the content. Therefore, even if the information is aimed at professionals with well-defined technical knowledge, it is advisable to write short texts, with pauses that make them easier to read. to digest, and offer the most complete and purely textual versions in downloadable files or separate pages;

* make use of social networks: the networks social They represent a very powerful and versatile tool, since on the one hand they serve to improve the dissemination of news and information in general, but they also maintain a bond with readers that is not broken when they leave the blog;

* create videos: thanks to the level of accessibility provided by the tools video editing tools, many of them free, you don’t need to be an expert to create an attractive and powerful presentation with images and sound. Unfailingly, including a video in a post makes it more tempting for those who escape reading whenever they can and complements it for those who seek to squeeze the information 110%;

* collaborate with other creators– Historically, collaborations between different sites have proven to be very fruitful for content creators. Among the advantages of a relationship between blogs is the potential increase in followers, the enrichment of a job as a team and the wider dissemination that comes naturally, since both parties will advertise each other.

For physics

In another sense, diffusion is a physical process Through which the material particles are introduced into a medium that was previously absent, which increases the entropy of the system formed by the diffused particles and the medium where they are diffused. Physical diffusion is subject to Fick’s Law, which maintains that the permeable membrane allows the passage of particles and solvent in favor of the gradient of concentration.