It is called dietetics to the discipline that is dedicated to studying the proper mode of feeding. The term is also used to refer to what is linked to the diet: that is, to the diet.

DieteticsDietetics indicates how a person should eat according to their physical characteristics, their state of Health and other factors. Therefore, the dietitian expert (known as dietitian) can suggest, based on his scientific knowledge, which foods his patient should eat and in what quantities.

Hippocrates It is noted as the precursor of dietetics. This doctor from the Ancient Greece He classified food into different groups that he linked to its influence on humors (elemental substances whose balance, it was believed, defined the health of human beings). Although with the weather the postulates of Hippocrates were outdated, this thinker laid the foundations for the development of dietetics.

Nowadays, the dietician knows with precision the operation of the nutrition: the biological process carried out by the body when metabolizing the nutrients it receives through food intake and transforming them into Energy. That is why one of his functions is to advise and instruct his patients about healthy eating. It can also diagnose and treat disorders associated with nutritional problems.

The idea of ​​dietetics, on the other hand, is used in some regions to name the trade where natural and generally beneficial foods for the body are offered. In a dietetic it is possible to buy nuts, wholemeal flours and cereals, to mention a few options.